Our inaugural event in 2022 saw riders from all over Australia join the cause. 

Rapha Australia, together with the Ricky Stuart Foundation return in 2023 with the Pedal for Purpose, to raise awareness for Autism. We’re challenging you to be autism aware and help us build autism acceptance.

Join is for 7 days to Pedal for Purpose from 9 October to 15 October. We're challenging cyclists to ride 102,000 km as a collective group throughout the week.

We’re riding 1km for each child in Australia who is diagnosed with autism. 

We’re riding for awareness. We’re riding inclusion. We’re riding for autism acceptance.

Join the Ricky Stuart Foundation Club on Strava and get ready to join the Pedal for Purpose challenge this October.

About our charities

The Ricky Stuart Foundation firmly believe that the right information changes lives. It’s through the power of education and awareness that we help support people with autism, and their families, to live their best possible lives. With your support we can produce quality, free content and resources and ensure it gets the people who need it most.

The Ricky Stuart Foundation

The Ricky Stuart Foundation is creating an inclusive Australia for individuals with autism and their families. We provide a voice through education programs and creating awareness of autism in the broader community. We’re committed to ensuring our future generations are inclusive and accepting of autism. The Foundation was created by Ricky and Kaylie Stuart in 2011 with a clear mission to provide a voice for families and individuals with autism nationally. As parents to Emma, who was diagnosed with autism at age 9, Ricky and Kaylie understand first-hand the challenges for people with autism, and the families/carers who love, care and support them.

About Rapha

Rapha is an international brand known for its high-quality cycling products and its commitment to creating a unique cycling culture, cycling apparel and accessories. The company was founded in 2004 by Simon Mottram, who was the CEO and is now the Chairman of Rapha. As a father of a child with autism, Simon is a passionate advocate for autism awareness and created the AMBITIOUS 220, an autism ride in the UK, which raises funds to support the charity that helped his son reach his full potential.

"It’s with the shared values of two fathers who are passionate about creating a better future for autistic individuals, that the Rapha and Ricky Stuart Foundation partnership was founded."

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What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder, commonly known as ASD, affects how people communicate and interact with others. It affects how they make sense of the world. The term “spectrum” is used to emphasise that autism presents differently in every single person.

People with autism have a wide range of challenges as well as abilities. Despite being such a widespread condition, there’s an absence of quality, credible and independent information to build community awareness and acceptance.

Rapha and the Ricky Stuart Foundation believe that the education and awareness, creates understanding and ultimately increased acceptance for autistic individuals. It’s through the power of education and awareness that we can help people with autism, to live their best possible lives.

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